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 Go to Shopping Cart to buy Crape Myrtles. Wholesale direct, UPS to customer pricing, middlemen eliminated. In the Crape Myrtle Business 38 years. Certified all 50 states. 1 to 4 plants(you may mix and match) $19.95 each 5 to 14 plants $14.95 each Over 15 plants $10.95 each UPS shipping on all orders $24.95


We have more types of Crapes than anyone(over 60 new colors): Cold Hardy Tree Crape Myrtles, Dwarf Crepe Myrtles, and Our Own True Miniature Weeping CrapeMyrtles

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Note: that crape myrtles are commonly spelled several different ways: You may find crape myrtle spelled crape myrtle, crape myrtles, crapemyrtle, crepemyrtles and crepe myrtles. The scientific name is lagerstroemia crape myrtle. The Traditional "Southern Spelling is "Crepe Myrtle" (because the delicate flowers resemble crepe paper) whereas across the United States it is more commonly "Crape Myrtle". In Europe and Australia and other countries they use the Scientific Name, Lagerstroemia Crape Myrtle. We try to use all spellings throughout so our readers can get used to seeing crape myrtle spelled several different ways.

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Crape Myrtles are shipped year round from our nursery in individual pots therefore you can plant your own crape myrtle at your home anytime of the year. 

Ordering is simple and by Ordering from us you cut out 2-3 middlemen.

Go to Shopping Cart to buy Crape Myrtles Wholesale direct, UPS to customer pricing, middlemen eliminated. In the Crape Myrtle Business 38 years. Certified all 50 states. 1 to 4 plants(you may mix and match) $19.95 each 5 to 14 plants $14.95 each Over 15 plants $10.95 each UPS shipping on all orders $24.95.

Then just mail the crape myrtle order into us. If you have crape myrtle questions you can either eMail us or phone us at 352-486-6922.

The crape myrtle blooms 5- 6 months making crape myrtles one of the most popular plants for the landscape, pot and container, or hanging basket. 

Gator.jpg (34258 bytes)
Even giant University of Florida Bred Gators smile when they see our 
Patented Miniature Weeping Crape Myrtles (Photo taken at the University
of Florida Alligator Transgenic Genome Breeding Bayou)





Welcome to our Miniature Crepe Myrtle Web Site. 
Feel free to look all around and stay as long as you want. We have some nice pictures for you to enjoy. 
You don't have to buy anything. 

For over 25 years we have been hybridizing and breeding these Cold Hardy, Patented,  Crape Myrtles. 

The qualities, characteristics, or traits that make these Miniature Crape Myrtles so popular are:

  • Our Patented Mini Crape shrubs bloom for 5-6 full months (how many perennials can you name that bloom 5 months?), from Late Spring, through the Hottest Months of Summer, into the Fall up to the first freeze.
  • Crape Myrtle plants are Cold Hardy, Woody Perennials, grown throughout  the U.S. 

    WFEntrBest1imp.jpg (43250 bytes)
    Over 7,000 of our Patented Mini Weeping Crape Myrtles Landscaped the Worlds Fair

    First of all note that "Crape Myrtle" is commonly spelled many different ways:
    crepe myrtle with an "e" is often seen because the flowers resemble crepe paper. You will also see crape mertel , crapemyrtle , crape myrtles , crepemyrtle etc. We will try to use all the spellings but usually we use the common spelling.... crape myrtle.

    Did you know Crape Myrtles can be grown in all 50 states and most foreign countries? 

    In the last 5 years there were over 2 dozen new Varieties of Crape Myrtle Trees, Dwarf Crepes  and Miniature Crapes introduced into the United States from Major Breeding and Hybridization Programs in Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Washington,DC.

    They can be grown as 40' Trees or novelty 8" Miniatures and  varieties are cold hardy to -15F below zero and even colder! 

    In Canada and far Northern States, the New Miniatures can be grown in pots or hanging baskets during the Spring, Summer, and Fall then, in December, moved to a sunny window or basement to overwinter.

    How many plants did you plant this summer that died at the end of summer or with the 1st frost? Not Crape Myrtles, they're woody perennials that come back year after year and crape myrtles bloom from early May to late October. 

    Crape Myrtles are not related to the Myrtle Plants many of you are familiar with. The "Myrtle Plant" usually refers to a Groundcover Plant.

    Crape Myrtles refer to Woody, Perennial Trees, Shrubs and Miniatures that are commonly seen from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey moving south across Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas, continuing to Florida, and all the way across the United States to Texas, California, Oklahoma and as far north as Oregon and Washington State.

    The Crape Myrtle is one of the most versatile plants you can grow. 

    The 1st crape myrtle photo seen below is of a crape myrtle flower cluster. Do you think the crape myrtle flowers look delicate?  Did you know this plants common name " crape myrtles " is often spelled "  "crepe myrtles" or "crapemyrtle" and even "crepemyrtle".

    The spelling of " crape " as " crepe " (with an "e" instead of an "a") is because many people say the crinkly flowers resemble "crepe paper". We try to use all 
    spellings in our writing.